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Problematic Piddling

January 15, 2016

Urine marking is a primal instinct for dogs, but causes great frustration for their pet parents. The most likely candidates to urine mark are intact (unneutered males and unspayed females), and the behavior nearly always starts before the dog reaches 2 years of age. However, before attempting to correct urine marking, let us rule out any sort of medical issues such as incontinence or urinary infections.


Love on a Leash

January 13, 2016

A collar and leash are two of the most important safety accessories every dog needs. There are dozens to choose from, many of which are marketed to be fashionable or cute, but always opt for practical over pretty, especially for your dog's daily walks. One good choice is a flat, nylon collar that can be expanded to grow with your pup.


Kitty Curiosity

January 11, 2016

Hello, everyone. It's Baby Lloyd again. So, apparently Jan. 22 is Answer Your Cat's Question Day. All I can say is, THANK YOU! Finally someone noticed that there's a lot we cats don't get about you humans. I polled some of my fellow felines in honor of this very important holiday, and here are the questions we'd like you all to answer for us:

Why do you insist that I have food in my dish when it is CLEARLY empty? Don't give me this "half full" nonsense. Do I look like an optimist to you?

On a related note, where are you hiding the cat treats?

Where did that shiny red dot disappear to?

Why are you sleeping right now? Don't you know nighttime is when all the exciting stuff happens? Why else would we choose this time to run frantically up and down the hallway?

You don't mind me following you into the bathroom, do you?

Can I go outside? OK, now can I come inside? Wait, I want to go outside again...will you let me out? Aw man, it's cold out here...will you let me back in?

Why did you scream when I brought you that mouse? Don't you realize it's a gift?

Ooh, is that a computer? I love computers! Can I send an email to your boss? Don't worry that it just says "qrupieoajv;kdjfa;kja,.jfda." That's cat speak for "I need more vacation days."

Hey, did you know the ancient Egyptians used to worship cats as gods? Whose idea was it to end that lovely tradition?

Can I have some more catnip? I promise to behave this time.

Who invited the dog?

Are you going to eat that?


Dodging Disease - Distemper

January 8, 2016

Distemper is one of the most serious viruses seen in canines. Similar to the virus that causes human measles, distemper can affect the skin, brain and eyes, as well as intestinal and respiratory systems. Although dogs of any age can become infected, the majority are puppies less than six months old. The disease spreads rapidly, especially among the unvaccinated, and can often be fatal. Common symptoms of distemper include discharge from the nose and eyes, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting and fever.


Winter Safety

January 6, 2016

Harsh winter weather requires pet parents to take extra precautions to ensure their furry family members stay safe and well.

When the forecast calls for ice, snow or frigid temperatures, it's important that your pet has an indoor place to stay. The best scenario is in the house with you, but if that isn't possible, a garage or basement should be made available (be sure that hazardous materials which may be stored there are out of your pet's reach) with at least a warm blanket to snuggle up on. Never leave a pet outside in extreme weather even if that's where she typically lives.