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Schedule an Appointment OnlineSchedule your appointment online, we will confirm your appointment time by end of business or if submitted after hours, will be confirmed next business day.

Home DeliveryShop 24/7 on our online store!  Shop for your pet’s medications, food, and much more.  Need to request an Rx Refill for in-clinic, call us 724-447-2283.  Text Message and App Rx Refill Options Coming Soon!

New Clients: If you are a new client, please request an appointment and the form will prompt you for your contact information.  We will follow up with an email or phone call to introduce you to our clinic and set you up for your first appointment with us.

Veterinary Services: Check out all the medical service we offer, including Preventative Care, Laser Therarpy, Microchipping, Diagnostic Care, and Surgerical services.

ePay: Pay your bill online, just click this link to pay your invoice and pay for medication pickup or delivery.

Sign up for Email and Text Alerts: Submit your email and/or cell phone number to receive updates about the clinic, specials, appointment and health service reminders, and much more!

Email & Text Alerts Policy: View what email updates and text alerts you will receive when signing up and see what the benefits are to subscribing to these services.


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