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Beware of Bites - Prevention is Key

May 18, 2016

Estimates show over 70 million dogs live in North American households. Every year, 4.5 million people, most of them children, are bitten; the majority of these incidents are preventable. National Dog Bite Prevention Week starts May 15 and focuses on educating people about preventing dog bites.


Inaccurate Information - The Dangers of Internet Diagnosis

May 16, 2016

We've all done it. With the advent of the internet, it's so easy to self-diagnose. How many times have you actually been right? More and more animal guardians are going online to seek help for their pets. What you may not realize is that there is a wrong way and a right way to use this information and that "Doctor Google" can give you bad advice.


Blackleg Blues

May 13, 2016

Blackleg is a fatal disease mostly of young cattle that affects the animal in a very severe manner. When calves eat, the bacterium enter the body. These bacterium make small punctures in the mucous membrane of the digestive tract, affect the muscles and spread a poison which ultimately ends up killing the calf.


May is Responsible Animal Guardian Month

May 12, 2016

To help foster a more respectful attitude towards animals and encourage people to honor their responsibilities towards them, In Defense of Animals (IDA) has declared May to be Responsible Animal Guardian Month. Having a respectful attitude towards our pets starts with not referring to ourselves as their owners. This word makes a pet our property while the word guardian means that we are responsible for their well-being for a lifetime.

Goals of the Guardian Campaign
IDA hopes to accomplish two major things during the month of May. First, the organization wants to encourage responsible and loving behavior from people who are already pet guardians. This means committing to caring for the pet's physical and social needs in addition to forming a deep bond with the animal. The following are just some of the ways you can be a responsible pet guardian:

• Invest time in training your pet and apply rules consistently
• Use positive reinforcement rather than punishment
• Ensure that your pet gets plenty of opportunities for socialization
• Make exercise part of his daily routine
• Feed her nutritious food and limit treats
• Spend one-on-one time with him each day
• Schedule regular wellness exams at Springhill Animal Clinic and bring her in if she displays new or worsening symptoms

IDA also uses this awareness campaign to discourage people from purchasing an animal from a pet store or breeder. The campaign's motto of "Adopt, Don't Shop" urges potential pet parents to consider saving a life by adopting from an animal shelter instead.

Has Your Pet Had a Wellness Exam Recently?
One of the mistakes that pet guardians often make is assuming that the animal doesn't need to visit a veterinarian unless he is sick or injured. Just like physical exams for people, annual wellness exams for pets help to identify and treat issues before they become more problematic. 

Please schedule an appointment with Springhill Animal Clinic if your pet hasn't had a preventive exam in more than a year. Senior pets should be seen bi-annually while puppies and kittens under a year need regular exams and vaccinations. Dr. Soles will let you know his preferred schedule when you bring your pet in for his first appointment.


Re"tail" Reminder - Adoption

May 11, 2016

Few people can help but smile at scenes of a puppy or kitten waiting to be discovered by a new parent. Unfortunately, like many portrayals, this one isn't rooted too firmly in reality. Special occasions, such as birthdays or graduations, can seem like a perfect time to bring a new pet into the household, and it can work out,