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Importance of Vaccination

August 11, 2016

Why vaccinate? It's a question we hear often at our clinic and at the root of all the information--and misinformation--out there about vaccinating your pet, it is very important to managing your pet's overall health. 


Spoiling Your Four-Legged Friend

August 10, 2016

While spoiling your two-legged kids is generally frowned upon, no one will raise an eyebrow if you treat your dog to some extra-special pampering, and Spoil Your Dog Day on Aug. 10 is as good an excuse as any! While your dog would probably consider a little extra attention or a belly rub a treat of the highest order, consider these options to truly coddle your canine.


Holistic Care

August 4, 2016

While massage therapy has been practiced for humans for thousands of years, it is a form of alternative medicine gaining traction within the pet community. It can help prevent injuries, aid your pet's body when healing and strengthen the bond between yourself and your furry friend. 


Shipping Fever

August 3, 2016

Shipping fever pneumonia is the most common issue encountered in feedlot calves. It accounts for major economic losses in the form of reduction in average daily gain, feed efficiency and overall performance of calves. 

Shipping fever pneumonia is a part of bovine respiratory disease, a complex that develops most often within two weeks after calves have been weaned, the most stressful time for calves.


Happy DOGust!

August 1, 2016

Give your dog a dog-gone good day on Aug. 1! If your canine companion was a rescue dog with an unknown birthday, or if you just don't know his birthday but want to celebrate him each year, this is the day to do it. The first day of August is marked as the universal birthday for rescue dogs called DOGust.