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Safety - Put a leash on danger

October 5, 2016

Having a pet is a joyful and rewarding part of life, and looking out for his welfare is your first order of business as a responsible pet parent. Your pet counts on you to keep him safe from harm.



October 3, 2016

Do you have a rescued cat at home who fills your day with crazy antics and soft purrs? Or is your kitty more of the nap all day and don't-touch-me-unless-I-tell-you-to variety? Regardless of your cat's personality, if you rescued your cat from a shelter--and maybe even if you didn't--chances are you don't know exactly the date of her birth.


Come See Us When Your Pet is Well

October 1, 2016

October is National Pet Wellness Month. This purpose of this awareness campaign is to help pet owners understand the importance of preventive care. Visiting Springhill Animal Clinic once a year when your pet is not sick or injured gives Dr. Soles the opportunity to check for unknown health issues, follow-up on previous treatment plans, and monitor her weight, growth, and behavior. We recommend bi-annual preventive care exams for senior pets due to their changing health needs. If you have a puppy or kitten, Dr. Soles will discuss the preferred vaccine and exam schedule at her first appointment.

How You Can Promote Wellness at Home
Here are several things you can do to promote health and longevity in your pet in addition to regular veterinary care:

• Feed him nutritious food specific to his species and avoid sharing food meant for humans. Train him not to beg for food and don't give in when he gives you sad eyes. Treats are fine as long as you give them in moderation. Manage your pet's weight by making sure that he gets daily exercise and feeding him a set amount at certain times during the day. 
• Care for her oral health needs by brushing her teeth regularly and scheduling a dental cleaning and exam as part of her annual check-up.
• Spay or neuter your pet by six months of age. Not only does this prevent unwanted litters of puppies or kittens, altering a pet helps to decrease uterine and prostate cancer as well as aggressive mating behavior.

We Look Forward to Your Visit
Dr. Soles and the entire staff of Springhill Animal Clinic look forward to seeing you and your pet at her next annual preventive care exam. Together, we can ensure that your pet remains your faithful companion for years to come.


Happy Hunting - Safety First

September 30, 2016

WV Hunting Seasons/Laws - https://goo.gl/cfXpFD 
PA Hunting Seasons/Laws - https://goo.gl/qVfSEV

Being outdoors during the fall gives a literal breath of fresh air to both ourselves and our pets. The cooler temperatures invite us to spend more time hiking and exploring familiar or unknown areas. However, this time of year means hunting season is in effect throughout much of the United States. By taking a few extra precautions, we, our pets, and hunters can all safely enjoy the great outdoors. 


World Rabies Day

September 28, 2016

Sept. 28 marks World Rabies Day, the day countries and people across the globe come together to raise awareness and resources aimed at continuing prevention and control of this fatal neurological disease. It is also the death anniversary of Louis Pasteur, creator of the first rabies vaccine.