Caring for animals for almost 30 years.


Vicky is the best and sincere vet I have every met. She not only helps the animals but she helps the people who are worried about their pets. Thanks for all you do to make things comfortable for both my pets and me.


I’ve been taking my animals/pets to Dr. Vicky Soles for over 9 years and I have a couple of our most amazing stories of Dr. Soles’ miracle work. The first one I’d like to share with you is when I had a pregnant sheep that couldn’t give birth. Dr. Soles was reluctant to do the surgery for two valid reasons: first of all the sheep had been laboring for a day or so and the babies were not alive and we knew just by the foul smell that they were decaying and needed to come out in order for the ewe to live. The second reason was that Dr. Soles admittedly did not have much success with sheep and surgery of this kind nor had she seen much success in school with surgery of this type on sheep. “Sheep just don’t have good integrity”. She said she had more success with goats, cattle, dogs, cats…. but sheep and a sheep this sick….. the prognosis didn’t look good. But Dr. Soles wanted to help the ewe and she proceeded with my decision to proceed. (Many sheep farmers wouldn’t have spent the time and money on this type of situation.) Despite the odds, the surgery went well. Dr. Soles delivered the still lambs and then the days to follow the ewe got stronger and infection cleared from her body with Dr. Soles’ regimen of antibiotics and care – the ewe thrives to this day.

Another story I would like to share is one of a Standard Poodle Chantilly who is a dear pet to us. When Chantilly was four, I decided to have her bred for a litter of puppies for the first time. She is large and always been a healthy dog and when she was pregnant, this remained so. She ate well, exercised and seemed to feel well. Her abdomen, however, grew very large. More so than my experience with other dogs. I was suspecting a large litter of maybe 9 or 10. On the day that she was due, the labor did not progress like it should have and she was not able to have the puppies on her own. I knew things were bad when Chantilly began to pass a dark green discharge that showed signs of distress. I called Dr. Soles (it was very late in the evening) and she urged me to bring her in so she could look at Chantilly and assist as needed. By the time I got Chantilly to Dr. Soles’ that evening, she had been laboring for several hours and was becoming weak. Dr. Soles informed me and my husband that the risk was high but Chantilly needed a c-section. We agreed and Dr. Soles proceeded with the anesthesia. Chantilly was so weak by this time though, that her body just couldn’t handle anymore and she arrested and quit breathing. Tears filled my eyes and my husband’s. We knew it was too late but Dr. Soles went into action and miraculously got her breathing again. She insisted she needed to hurry and get the puppies out of her body if there was any chance of saving Chantilly. As Dr. Soles began extracting the puppies from Chantilly’s abdomen, she reports, “here’s the problem, the puppies are huge.” She could not have them because they were so large. Dr. Soles kept pulling puppies from Chantilly’s abdomen until there were 12 puppies!! and Dr. Soles had a team of family members that she had called in that late night to help with the pups in case any were to survive. The team was feverishly working to try to save any puppies that might survive this ordeal. Again, miraculously, we were all in shock when ALL 12 puppies survived!! My husband and I left in the weee hours of the next morning with Chantilly ALIVE and all 12 pups crying and squirming and in no time Chantilly was on her feet and recovering and caring for all the puppies on her own. Dr. Soles definitely performed a miracle that evening. I have more wonderful stories of Dr. Soles’ miracle work. She is a wonderful, dedicated Veterinarian. We have many animals that are alive today as proof of that and will have many more in the future I’m sure. Weather it was a life-saving surgery or routine preventative medicine, I will always put my faith in her abilities.

Gretchin Marx-Good

Vicky and her staff are he best around! Always great with the best information on the care of my dogs and puppies and I have alot of them. Love that Vicky comes to my kennel to check my dogs, makes it so much easier for me. Super great all around would not change a thing. Thanks for all the super care and all the super care to come.

Frances Doyle

Sunny Acres Kennel

Princess, our toy poodle was pregnant but couldn’t have her puppies. We brought her to Vicky and she did a c-section on her because her puppies were too big. All went fine with the surgery. We took Princess home and she chewed her stiches out and her insides were hanging outside of her body, so we called Vicky and she said to bring her in right away. I was trying to hold her insides against her, while my husband drove, that was the longest bumpiest ride ever. We finally got to her office and Vicky took her in the room right away to put everything back inside where it belonged and she sewed Princess up with stainless steel so that she couldn’t chew them out again. Thank God that there is an animal loving Vet there. Princess is still doing fine years later. Thanks Vicky.

Lori Higgins

We found our visit to be most rewarding. “Old Gracie” has responded well to the medications you prescribed. Hunter and cats, Chibi and Misty, will become patients of yours. Thanks so much for you loving care of animals.

Mary Zollars

I have used Doc Vicky for several years now. The care she gives our animals at a fantastic price is unequaled. She takes time to educate you about your pets’ condition / needs for care etc. and does it in a straight forward manner. I drive a long distance to obtain her services and it is more than worth it. Her staff is also second to none!! Great Folks!!!

Wayne Valentino

I have been going to Vicky Soles from the beginning of her business….she and her staff are wonderful! Thank you!

Shirley Burge

I have taken my dogs to this place and they have done a wonderful job with them. I have had to call about my farm animals before, told me what they thought was wrong and told me what to do and they have been healthy ever since.

Judy Calvert

Vicky is a wonderful and friendly vet and I can always depend on her after hours and on weekends for emergencies. I only wish her clinic was closer to me, so I could take my dogs to her all the time.

Candy Garrison