Pediatric Care

At Springhill Animal clinic, we make the health of your pet our priority. We realize that veterinary medicine is integral in this process, therefore we heavily emphasize the importance of preventative care during the puppy and kitten stages. This is a critical period for your pet as the immune, and all other systems, are still developing. Young animals are prone to having significant worm burdens; we routinely deworm all pediatric animals. Also, all pediatric animals are given a series of vaccinations. With kittens, we administer a feline distemper and leukemia combination vaccine as a series of two shots. Puppies get a series of three distemper/parvovirus vaccines. Each animal is given a thorough examination at each visit.

Adult Care

Ongoing yearly preventative care is ideal and recommended for all adult animals. We focus on all aspects of the body, from the skin to internal functions. We are more than willing to answer any questions you have on a variety of topics, including vaccinations, dewormings, and any problems your animal might have. Maintenance is key to ongoing health.

Senior Care

Senior care is vitally important for your aging pet. Older animals can have a wide array of issues, from cognitive problems to arthritis. It is crucial that we maintain a relationship with your pet during this time especially, so that we can ensure your pet has the best care possible. In the golden years, we take quality of life issues very seriously and provide the animal with the essential tools to have a comfortable experience no only in our office, but at home as well.

Dental Care

At Springhill Animal Clinic, we understand the importance of a comprehensive oral care program. We recommend beginning at-home care at every puppy or kitten exam. We offer a variety of products to assist you in making this an easy experience for both you and your pet. Poor dental health can not only make your pet’s kisses a nightmare, it can seriously affect your pets overall health. It can cause lethargy, anorexia, chewing on only one side, poor cardiac health, coughing, systemic infection, and even death. We can perform oral cleanings, extractions, antibiotic therapy and pain management. We are here as a resource and are willing to assist in any way possible.

Laser Therapy

We use the Companion Therapy Laser to treat minor injuries and for pain management. It is basically a surgery free, drug free and noninvasive treatment to reduce pain and inflammation and increase the speed of healing with any type of wound or surgical incisions. It uses a beam of laser light to penetrate tissue without damaging it and to stimulate a biological response to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation in most areas of the body as well as speed healing. The pet may feel a slight warm feeling in the area being treated and most treatments take only a matter of minutes to complete.


We recommend microchip identification for your pet, so if you pet is lost and is found, a veterinary hospital, humane society or animal shelter can scan the chip and recover your information. We have partnered with the American Kennel Club to provide easy and affordable microchips for your pets.

Diagnostic Care

Here at Springhill Animal Clinic, we are able to perform a variety of diagnostic services for your pet. We perform many of these diagnostic services in-house, and to keep costs down – the diagnostic work we send out, is sent to the trusted ANTECH Diagnostics Lab. Our diagnostics testing includes: heartworm, intestinal parasite, feline leukemia, and allergy. We also perform diagnostics for: thyroid, urinalysis, and other comprehensive blood screenings.
Contact us for more information on diagnostic care and to schedule an appointment.

Hospital Treatments

We offer a variety of services for your pet in their time of need. We offer hospitalization as needed, splints when your pet’s leg is broken, IV fluids, and bandage of minor wounds.

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Surgery is performed on a regular basis to spay and neuter cats and dogs, and on an as needed basis for injuries and disease. All pets that are scheduled to be spayed or neutered are to be at the clinic at 9am, unless told otherwise; pets should not receive food or water after midnight the night prior to surgery.

Proper care at home following surgery is crucial to ensure your pet recovers correctly and completely. We provide instruction at the time your pet is released on what needs to be done, please call with questions or concerns.

Contact us for more information on diagnostic care and to schedule an appointment.

Additional Service - Online Store

We offer many other services. We examine your pet when they are sick, perform medical progress exams to ensure your pet is getting well following a sickness, trim your pet’s nails, perform x-rays and ultrasounds, and other services to keep your pet the healthiest they can be!

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Emergency Care

For emergencies, please call us at (304) 508-2450.  Contact us for more information on diagnostic care and to schedule an appointment.


Our euthanasia services are usually performed in the clinic for our companion animal patients and farm visits for our farm animal patients. We try to make this time as easy as possible for all concerned. Please contact us with any questions.

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Farm Visits & Exams

We provide visits for all farm animals, including: cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry. We provide traditional care, vaccinations, fair testing (see below) and other services for farm animals.

Fair Testing

We provide testing and other services for farm animals that are going to show or for sale.

Coggins, health papers, and other farm animal services are available. Please contact us with any questions.